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One System - Many Options

Your Next Step

Go your way with your own muscle power

Improved Gait

Activates muscles in the lower leg.

With Orthoses

All advantages of an orthosis are retained.

Inconspicuous look

Small device, simple design, almost no cable.

Children over 6 Years

Supports a suitable activity for children.


Easy to use with the Evomotion app.

Preconditions for the Use of the evomove®

For more detailed questions please contact an Evomotion-Partner and if necessary read the manual and the enclosed product information.

The evomove® is designed for adults and children whose walking ability is limited due to a central nervous system disorder. Triggering diseases or injuries include stroke (apoplexy), multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury, (infantile) cerebral palsy (CP) and incomplete paraplegia.

To use the evomove® safely it is important that you are basically able to walk and stand. Even if your muscles could improve through regular use you need a certain muscle status right from the start. Whether you are currently safe enough to stand you can find out in a preliminary talk with an Evomotion-Partner.

The evomove® is a medical device that is worn on the lower leg in addition to an orthosis and provides targeted electrical stimulation of muscles. If you are already wearing an orthosis, it is possible that you will also benefit from evomove® (muscle activation). If you have motoric limitations when walking and an orthosis would be too heavy for you, the combination of a lighter orthosis with the evomove® could be relevant for you. It is best to speak to an Evomotion-Partner for individual advice.

People respond differently to electrical stimulation. This means that the same electrical impulse causes a muscle contraction for some people and for some not. People also have different sensations of pain. If you respond well to electrical stimulation, the evomove® is basically suitable for you.

Certain pre-existing diseases prevent you from using electrical stimulation. These include skin diseases on the leg whose muscles shall be stimulated. An Evomotion-Partner will check whether you have any previous diseases that prevent you from using electrical stimulation at the first consultation. A doctor can check in each individual case whether you can use the evomove® without hesitation. In this case you will receive a medical declaration of harmlessness for individual pre-existing conditions.