One System - Many Options

One System –
Many Options

The world‘s first supply concept which combines functional electrical stimulation and orthotics.

The evomove® is now available in two versions!

What is the evomove®?

The evomove® is a medical device for people with walking restrictions. It activates muscles in the lower leg with electrical impulses and improves the walking movement in combination with an orthosis. Use the evomove® together with an orthosis and benefit from the advantages of both concepts: Activation of the body's own structures and external stabilization.

Why combine FES and Orthosis?

With functional electrical stimulation, your muscles can be activated while walking. For example, you can better control your knee and/or actively use your muscles for forward movement and a more dynamic, natural gait. This promises many advantages. An orthosis holds, stabilizes and guides the lower leg and foot during walking and standing and can support foot lifting.

evomove® solokit

The evomove® solokit is considered a solitary solution.

With the evomove®solokit, the evomove® is placed in a pocket on a cuff or cycling shorts made by us. On the lower leg, the focus is usually on the correction of the fallen foot (stimulation of the tibialis anterior muscle). The second channel (unique feature) can additionally stimulate the calf muscles to improve knee control and increase endurance (push-off). Here too, the quadriceps, the ischiocrural muscles and also the muscles surrounding the hip joint (gluteus maximus, miniumus and medius) can now be activated.

evomove® orthokit

The evomove® orthokit is intended for conception and combination with an orthosis; all materials for assembly in an orthosis are included.

The evomove® functions here as an orthosis fitting part and provides muscular activity in the orthosis, which has a positive functional effect on the lower leg on the knee (avoidance of genu recurvatum and/or initiation of the swing leg forward movement (push-off)), active stabilisation of the ankle during load transfer and maintenance of ankle mobility in dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. With the new thigh system, not only the quadriceps and ischiocrural muscles can be activated, but also for the first time the muscles surrounding the hip joint (gluteus maximus, miniumus and medius).

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